Project 52

What is Project 52?

Project 52 is an interdenominational church initiative engaging congregations for 52 weeks a year in promoting the sanctity of human life from the time of conception. Providing a framework for multi-faceted action to facilitate a culture honoring and understanding the value of Human life in all aspects of our society.  Project 52 is an outreach of CSA, in cooperation with additional organizations as co-sponsors.

Why is Project 52 needed?

Abortions devastating repercussions affect every person and every church in our society. The ripples have decimated our population and our spiritual health for the past 40 years. Now barbaric late term abortions have made Albuquerque the “late term abortion capital of the country”. If followers of Jesus Christ do nothing to intervene, then we participate by our very silence.

How does Project 52 work?

Sign your Church up to “adopt” one week out of the year for focused Pro-life education and work. Call Rev. Spears at 505 710-4542 to select your week. Project 52 kicked off on September 30, 2013.