About Us

CSA is: Cry Aloud, Spare Not, A Call to Action. (Isaiah 58:1)

Cry Aloud:

It is time for Believer’s in Jesus Christ to Cry Out for the body of Christ in America to wake up, stop sitting by and letting satin, and those who are out to destroy the biblical principles that our nation was founded upon.

Spare Not:

God’s judgment for our disobedience to biblical principles will come to all who are not praying for our nation to return to the Word of God as our standard for living.

A Call to Action:

It is time for God’s people to come together actively to bring about repentance that will bring true return to God’s principles in our nation, in every area of our life. Only prayer and repentance by the body of Christ, the Church as a whole will bring about restoration of the blessings of God. God has promised healing for our land if His people pray, seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways, then He will heal our land. It is His people who must return to Him, and His ways NOW, before it is too late. If we do that, God promises to hear if we seek His face with our whole heart.

The Church in America has lost its effectiveness, and testimony in the world, because we have failed to keep ourselves pure and unspotted from the world.

In Revelation 3:15, Jesus says the Church is neither hot nor cold, and has become lukewarm, and that He would spew us out of His mouth.

He speaks of the end time church as being rich and increased with goods, but they don’t realize they are poor, wretched, naked and blind. He says to buy of Him eye salve, and gold tried in the fire, and white raiment. Only Jesus Christ can provide the medicine that we need for restoration and healing of His people.

Join with us, as God’s people, as believers in the one true Messiah, Jesus Christ, and seek repentance, and healing for the body of Christ in America today, Now before it is too late.

Our Mission

The participants of this enterprise are an affiliation. of believers in Christ with the expressed purpose of (1) publicly proclaiming the Word of God on several specified issues; (2) evangelizing the community; and (3) promoting relational unity in the Body of Christ through the manner prescribed in Ephesians 4: 1-6.